Who Rescued Who?

The lost wax process and the making of “Who Rescued Who?”

Lorri Acott creates the life sized sculpture reminding us of our unique relationship with our dogs, “Who Rescued Who?”



First, a maquette is sculpted.  A maquette is a small version of the sculpture. I usually sculpts the maquette using water based paperclay.



Enlarging the Sculpture

To begin enlarging “Who Rescued Who?”, I take a photo of the maquette and enlarge it to the size of the piece to be sculpted.  This helps me to  get the proportions of the  lifesize version just right.









The next step is that an armature must be made.  I make an armature (internal support structure) with foam and pipes.  This insures that the sculpture will be stable for the addition of the clay, and later, the mold. Using the image of the maquette as a pattern, I cut sheets of foam and glue them together on the pipe structure.


Now the foam is sculpted with a saw.  Using the maquette, the enlarged image, and my artistic sensibliltiies, I create the sculpture in foam, making adjustments as I go.





The clay that I use for large pieces  is quite stiff so that it will stay together for transportation and molding.  It can easily be softened in a microwave which makes it much easier to use.



This is the part of the sculpting process that brings me the most joy.  I love the feel of clay in my hands.


 Now the sculpture is completed.  Check back next week to learn about the next step in the process:   mold making


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Spirit of Renewal 

 A new Sculpture for Phoenix

We are so excited to be a part of the transformation that is happening in Phoenix at Coffelt Lamoreaux.  Dream Big Sculpture is partnering with Restore Arts, a local Phoenix arts organization, Maricopa Housing, and Gorman and Company to design this sculpture that represents the incredible renewal that is happening at Coffelt-Lamoreaux.

We’ll be posting photos of the process, but first, here is a photo of the maquette.

Check out Lorri’s  presentation to the folks who live where “Spirit of Renewal” will be installed!

Spirit of Renewal
Spirit of Renewal

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