About “Peace”


peace image

“Peace” has won four major awards.

  •  In 2008 it was selected from 75 entries to be placed at Mount Evans Hospice. Other more solemn submissions were made, but they wanted a sculpture that would inspire and uplift people.
  •  In 2012, it was selected by the Grand Rapids ACLU in as “Art to change the world”. This is an excerpt of what the Judges said :”The theme for this year’s exhibit, ‘Art to Change the World: Confronting Oppression, Embracing the Human Spirit”, is expressed forcefully and beautifully by Lorri Acott’s sculpture, “Peace”.

The artist explains her sculpture reminding us that “peace is not necessarily the absence of war or something we need to fight for. Instead it is something that can be created with our intentions and sent out into the world though our actions and interactions with each other.”Lorri has deftly used here materials allowing the sculpture to communicate hope instantly to the viewer.”

  • In 2015 “Peace ” was selected as a finalist in the competition by “world citizen artists organization”, an international group recognizing art that makes a difference in the world.
  • In 2015 “Peace” was selected from an elite group group of artists proposing  to have their sculptures placed on main street in Little Rock Arkansas. A few months after installation I received an unexpected from Gwen Crownover, the Editor of the Arkansas business news:   ” I really, really love that sculpture! I park in that parking deck every workday, and I keep taking pictures of it. And I’m not really artsy at all, but for some reason I just feel better when I see it.”