Art in Public Places

We specialize in public art pieces.  Here are a few of the projects that we have completed.

Front Range Community College Sculpture Garden

Within the built environment and the everyday responsibilities of life, it is easy to lose sight of our own humanity.  This opportunity to make a connection to caring about ourselves and others can and should be achieved with art. By selecting this work that offers multiple perspectives, a chance for reflection, and contributing to a beautiful and uplifting area on campus where all students, staff, visitors and clinic patients, as well as the broader community, can enjoy a peaceful place to gather and be rejuvenated, the committee has created a unique and powerful place for all. To see more about this 6 piece project, Click here


Artist Adam Schultz with "Sunset"Artist Adam Schultz stands with “Sunset, a 12 foot tall site specific sculpture that was inspired by the beauty, the wildlife, and the history of Sunset park in Longmont Colorado. .  To learn more about this project, go here

Spirit of Renewal

Lorri Acott stands with “Spirit of Renewal”

Lorri Acott stands with “Spirit of Renewal”. a 21 foot tall site specific sculpture that was inspired by the renewal of the Coffelt -Lamoureax, an affordable housing development in Phoenix, Arizona. in partnership with the Maricopa County Housing Authority, and Award winning developer Gorman & Company   . The team at Dream Big Sculpture  used the original clothes line poles from the site to ground the sculpture in the rich history at  Coffelt -Lamaoreaux.  The cast aluminum, from 90% recycled sources reflects the spirit of renewal that has embodied the whole project. The butterflies, inspired by the transformation within the community have a kinetic component with the spinning recycled security screens within some of the butterflies.  To learn more about this project, go here

Freedom Through Safety

Freedom Through Safety Image
Freedom Through Safety

This 20 foot tall  public art sculpture is comprised of a  bronze eagle flying through a Mobius circle  and held aloft by two stainless steel pillars  anchored in a granite base.  Additionally, with the base encircled with handprints of people from the community where the sculpture is placed, ”Freedom through Safety” represents community support for the ideals of freedom and safety.


peace image

Lorri’s public art  sculpture, “Peace” stands on her toes as she reaches out and releases origami folded cranes, representing peace and the fulfillment of hope, out into the world. Her long legs, as in all Lorri’s work, inspire us to rise above life’s challenges, as her large feet remind us to stay grounded. “Peace”  has won 4 major awards. To learn more about this sculpture, click here.


"Flight" image

 “Flight is a 20 foot tall cast aluminum contemporary sculpture. The circle centered on this sleek metal form evokes the feeling of a shock wave created by speeding aircraft, as the two vertical elements race into the future. The narrow silhouette allows the sculpture to enhance the background without blocking the view. To see some images of the installation, click here.

Conversation with Myself

Conversation with myself photo
Conversation with Myself
Bronze Conversation with Myself

“Conversation with Myself” is an interactive, monumental sculpture with one large and one small figure.  For the artist, the tall figure represents the spirit or higher self. It speaks of the times when we are afraid or doubt ourselves. It reminds to us go to the part of us that calms us; the inner voice that knows better and calls us to remember who we are: who we aspire to be. The small figure represents that part of us that is fearful, doubtful or confused. Each of us experience times when we are very human, very flawed, and very lost. The power in the sculpture is the reminder. Even in times of confusion and the doubt, we have access to the wisdom that our spirits hold.  To see some of the videos of Lorri sculpting this piece, Click Here

Soaring Above

Soaring Above sculpture in Calabasas California
Soaring Above sculpture in Calabasas California

This 18 foot tall kinetic sculpture features a monumental sized Red Tail Hawk soaring across the sky.  The top portion of the sculpture is designed to rotate gently in the wind. This Public art sculpture was commissioned by the City of Calabasas, California to celebrate their 25th year as a city.

Lighting the way

Lighting the Way
“Lighting the Way” at the Behavioral Heath Center of Mercy Hospital in Mason City Iowa

We were so honored when Barbara Peltan commissioned me to create a sculpture honoring her husband Mark, who had passed away a few years ago. Although I didn’t know him while he was alive, it has been wonderful learning about him though Barbara, as well as from friends and family.

Mark was a psychotherapist who began the Mental Health program at Mercy Hospital in Mason City Iowa. He was beloved by friends, patients, the staff at the hospital and of course, his family. He was a light.

Flying Together

Flying together by Adam Schultz
Flying together by Adam Schultz

Permanently installed in the City of Southlake Texas,  ‘ Flying Together” features two bronze eagles soaring majestically into the sky across a stainless steel Mobius circle. The circle integrates a timeless, contemporary element to this cast bronze sculpture, has a ‘brushed’ surface treatment, leaving it luminescent yet non-reflective, eliminating any possibility of glare for motorists.  Check out this timelapse video of the installation of “Flying together

Arc of Peace

Arc of Peace by Lorri Acott
Arc of Peace

“Arc of Peace” reaches out her arms and releases an arc of bronze origami folded cranes, representing peace and the fulfillment of hope, out into the world. She reminds us that peace is not necessarily the absence of war or something we need to fight for. Instead it is something that can be created with our intentions and sent out into the world though our actions and interactions with each other and ourselves.

Spirit of Flight

Spirit of Flight by Adam Schultz
Spirit of Flight by Adam Schultz

Spirit of Flight is Placed in “Spirit of Flight” is a nine foot stylized cast bronze eagle in flight.  Placed in Edmond Oklahoma as part of a fantastic public art acquisition program.

Who Rescued Who?

"Who Rescued Who" sculpture by Lorri Acott
“Who Rescued Who” sculpture by Lorri Acott

This public art sculpture of a figure and a dog tells the story of our relationships with the beloved dogs in our lives.  They are our best friends and  confidants. They comfort usin times of sadness, celebrate with us in times of joy, keep us company when we feel alone, and protect us when we are afraid. And they always love us; without question and without judgement. . This relationship between a dog and its human cannot be explained in words or understood logically.

Placed in multiple locations around the country

Broomfield’s Public Art Committee


Compassion by Adam Schultz
Compassion by Adam Schultz

A graceful cast bronze abstract sculpture is designed for a memory garden at  Pathways Hospice  in Fort Collins, Colorado to convey a sense of peace and serenity.  Adam worked with the committee to design the perfect sculpture for the location and designed a small version of the sculpture to be used for fundraising.

Magic Fish

Magic Fish by Adam Schultz
Magic Fish by Adam Schultz

“Magic Fish” Magic fish is an amalgam of things. The blunt down turned mouth and face of a grouper melds with a single shark-like dorsal fin that tapers curving to a point. Draping lower fins, a crescent moon-styled tail fin and a curving line that emulates the gills while encircling the eyes make Magic Fish an intriguing, wonderfully flowing sculpture.

Pacific Giant

Pacific giant Octopus
Pacific Giant
This  48″ tall public art sculpture features a pacific giant octopus commonly found in the coastal waters of Oregon and Washington.  Engaged in a struggle for food, it captures one of its favorite meals; a spiny lobster.

First Love

First Love by Lorri Acott
First Love“First Love” touches the heart as the young girl snuggles up with her beloved Kitty.  This sculpture is able to express the way we feel about our beloved pets in a way that words cannot. This piece was a commission for a humane society

Out of the Nest

A 12 foot cast bronze sculpture of an eagle soaring across a polished bronze circle representing the sun.


Three antlered figures celebrate the wild aspects of all of us.  An essential part of who we are, I believe that all things creative, new and unexpected come from this untamed part of us.  These sculptures are almost three feet tall and can be placed indoors or outdoors. Placed publicly in Little Rock Arkansas.


Three circles: 5’, 6’ and 4’ heights on posts pieces range from 5-8 feet tall, “Jubilee” is a playful assemblage of circles designed to enliven open public spaces.


Brotherhood by Lorri Acott
Brotherhood by Lorri Acott

A private commission for a family of brothers.  The three figures exhibit solidarity and a sense of playfulness as they help balance each other together as they go through life.

Peoria City Hall Gallery exhibit
Peoria City Hall Gallery exhibit

“Figuratively Speaking: 3 Voices” showcases the work of three different sculptors, Richard Acott, Adam Schultz and Lorri Acott. The exhibit ran for through Feb. 13, 2014 at West Valley Art Museum’s Peoria City Hall Art Gallery, 8401 W. Monroe St. Read about the exhibit here!

Who Rescued Who
Who Rescued Who

Diverse sculptures depicting a child with his dog, an abstract tribute to the American military and peacefully-perched birds are on display as part of a new permanent outdoor art collection. Broomfield’s Public Art Committee announced the last of the installations in December 2013.