Mt. Evans Memorial Brick Project

Building memories – Mount Evans brick project paves the way to a caring future

Mt. Evans brick projectMount Evans Peace SculptureFor a path that doesn’t go any place in particular, the emerging Memorial Pathway at Mount Evans Home Health and Hospice can take you as far back as memorys reach, and as far ahead as memory endures.

“Its not an original idea, but it fits our mission perfectly,” said Sallie Wandling, Mount Evans senior community relations director. “Its a way for us to honor and remember our loved ones.”

Wandling conceived the idea for a pathway last summer while contemplating as she often does the striking bronze sculpture reaching skyward from Mount Evans sunny eastern lawn. Standing 14 feet tall and powerfully symbolic, “Peace” was donated and dedicated in 2008 by artist Lorri Acott-Fowler in remembrance of a brother who died at the age of 35 while under the care of an Oregon hospice.

“I thought a pathway would be a way to honor that gift by giving others the opportunity to remember their own loved ones,” Wandling says. It fits right into our circle of care.

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