Charities and Nonprofits

Dream Big Sculpture will collaborate with you to create a larger than life sculpture that celebrates the history, spirit or mission of your non-profit organization. Often the monies raised in an organization are put to use in ways that aren’t clearly visible to donors, such as organizational expansion, new projects or operational requirements.

With this program, you can raise general funds or fund a specific project while also providing a permanent, valuable and visible recognition for your organization’s strongest supporters and give you a tangible way for them to connect with you and the heart of your mission.

Here’s how it works:

  • We work with your organization to develop a work of art that meets your specific project requirements. This sculpture can be funded by group of donors or to a single donor as a major gift.
  • For use during the fundraising campaign, we will also create a maquette, or miniature version of the life-sized piece, in bronze that you can use to raise funds for the larger campaign.
  • To further support the campaign we can also produce limited editions of the maquettes to be awarded to donors at different levels or sold to raise funds to support your organization.
  • For example, during a $2.5 million capital campaign, donors at a specified giving level will receive a bronze maquette in a limited edition, with a value $2,000 and over. Additionally, maquettes in a smaller size can be made available for purchase through your retail outlet, events, or Web site.

Contact us to begin the conversation about how we can help your nonprofit organization.

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