In ancient Greek mythology, there was a sculptor named Pygmalion who was unable to find a woman to be with who wasn’t in some way flawed. And so, he decided to sculpt the “perfect” woman, and he called her Galatea. Many people in our modern society often have a narrow definition of what is beautiful as far as the human figure is concerned. In fact, the notion that the “beautiful” body is a “skinny body” is only a recent manifestation in our history, resulting in problems such as anorexia, bulimia, depression and discrimination against people of size. Galatea, the first in my latest body of work, the ‘goddess series’ involves reinterpreting various female figures out of ancient mythology, rendering them in a contemporary, rubenesque affect. Through creating images of female figures that are typically greeted with negativity, and rendering them with a certain confidence and sensuality, I remind the viewer that beauty comes in the wondrous delightful variety seen in every body.

Adam Schultz Galatea Galatea bronze Galatea by Adam Schultz