Library Project

Public Library Sculpture Project

Our goal is to create a sculpture for the your library that engages the Community and inspires them to use the library as a third space between the comforts of home and the demands of school and work. The sculpture welcomes them as they come to explore the resources and opportunities that are open to all.

Dream Big Sculpture library project 2Big Dream Sculpture Library Project 1Art speaks to people in ways that even words cannot. Working with you, our team will design and install a sculpture that:

  • Elevates your library and communicates its spirit and its connection to the community.
  • Is created specifically for you and inspires and engages your community.
  • Includes a fundraising campaign that involves the community throughout the entire process.

library project elements
Dream Big Sculpture public library project 7public library project 4Multiple Fundraising Opportunities

There are many ways that we can help you raise funds to cover the cost of this artwork. These fundraising methods involve the community and can finance the entire sculpture.

We designed this sculpture so that donors can choose from a list of preselected titles or sayings that we will then inscribe on the books (before casting) along with their names: ie: Live Your Dreams by Vicki Long.

In conjunction, we will create a large poster for you to color in the books as you fill in the names as donations come in.

We will also create Maquettes (small versions of the sculpture) that you can sell to raise additional funds.

Big Dream Sculpture library project sketch