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Here at Dream Big Sculpture, we have placed sculpture all over the country: different styles, different subjects, different sizes.

You can choose from sculptures that have already been created, or you can commission a bronze sculpture for placement at your business, your home, or favorite nonprofit organization. Whatever your sculptural needs are, we can create it for you.

Explore our website, contact us, and let us begin helping you make your sculptural dreams come true.

Freedom Through Safety

Adam Schultz public art
Adam Schultz was commissioned to produce an innovative public art sculpture for Parker Colorado's new Police Station.The powerful sculpture features a life-sized bronze eagle in flight, held aloft 14' in the air on two vertical stainless steel pillars. One pillar represents safety and the other symbolizes strength.
Freedom through Safety by Adam Schultz

The Crane Project

Newtown Crane Project

The Crane Project Lorri Acott

Conversation with Myself

Lorri Acott public art

Created by Lorri Acott and cast in recycled aluminum, the 12 foot tall "Conversation with Myself " invites interaction, reflection, interpretation, enjoyment and conversation. The idea is that people will stand next to the small figure and be reminded of their own potential and greatness.
Conversation with Myself Lorri Acott