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sculpture of long leg man holding light lamp

Dream Big Sculpture

Here at Dream Big Sculpture, we place sculptures all over the country: different styles, different subjects, different sizes.

You can choose from sculptures that you see on our pages, or you can commission a bronze sculpture for placement at your business, your home, or favorite nonprofit organization. Whatever your sculptural needs are, we can create it for you.

Our Experience

We are a custom production company specializing in the creation of large-scale sculptural installations for both public and private collections throughout the United States. 


  Over the last ten years, we’ve built a solid reputation with our clients for exceptional quality and service. We take pride in our ability to work well with architects and design teams, helping to refine their initial concepts into creative, practical applications. 


   The Arts have always played a vital role in bringing people together. Public Art can give a community a sense of identity and connection that is accessible for everyone. We at DBS are dedicated to carrying on this important tradition, creating and installing timeless, relevant, public sculptures that will continue to inspire people for generations to come. 

Our Style

Within this team, we have a large range of styles. Lorri’s body of work consists primarily of impressionistic figurative work. Her distinctive elongated style touches the heart of the viewer in unexpected ways.  Adam’s sculptures range from realistic figurative to very abstract.  Some of them even combine traditional realism with abstract shapes to create fresh, contemporary works.  After studying a potential project, we work together to come up with what style would best suit the project, and propose from there.

person looking down at dog looking up sculpture
flight sculpture being installed

Our Expertise

We have both had experience working with multiple design teams in the past, and take pride in our ability to work well with people. Adam teamed up with engineers, architects, and city planners to create both the Pathways Hospice sculpture and the Parker Police Station monument in Colorado. Most recently, he worked with a team of engineers, architects, art consultants, and construction workers to design, create, and install the 22-foot “Flight” for a high-end residential project, Altitude, in Los Angeles.  Lorri recently installed her 12-foot “Peace” in Little Rock, Arkansas, and her 11-foot “Conversation with Myself” at the Museum of Discovery in Fort Collins, CO.

Our expertise with the bronze casting industry over the years proved to be of great value to the design teams and construction workers involved in these projects and served to help ensure the success and smooth completion of these installations.

As a team, we have amassed a wide range of artistic and engineering skill sets that allow us to work well with design teams, communities, and project managers to help ensure the smooth and speedy completion of each installation.


We are looking forward to the possibility of working with your team to create a powerful art experience’ that will help enhance the architecture, elevate the community, and become something beautiful, educational, and meaningful for you.

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