Dream Big Sculpture

Here at Dream Big Sculpture, we place sculpture all over the country: different styles, different subjects, different sizes.

You can choose from sculptures that you see on our pages, or you can commission a bronze sculpture for placement at your business, your home, or favorite nonprofit organization. Whatever your sculptural needs are, we can create it for you.

Explore our website, contact us, and let us begin helping you make your sculptural dreams come true.

“Sunset” at Sunset Park in Longmont Colorado

Our Experience

We at Dream Big Sculpture have been working in the business of creating and placing sculptures for over 25 years. Adam spent much of his early career doing all of his own metal work in various foundries where he became an expert in all phases of the bronze casting process, including the creation and installation of many monumental sculptures in locations across America. He is now a member of the National Sculpture Society, the oldest and most respected sculptor organization in the United States. Lorri worked as a teacher of children and adults for over 20 years and has degrees in art and education.  During this time, she also worked to become internationally renowned as a sculptor selling her artwork through galleries and public venues as well as teaching sculpting workshops in America, Italy, and Switzerland.

Our Styles

Within this team we have a large range of styles.  Lorri’s body of work consist primarily of impressionistic figurative work.  Her distinctive elongated style touches the heart of the viewer in unexpected ways.  Adam’s sculptures range from realistic figurative to very abstract.  Some of them even combine traditional realism with abstract shapes to create contemporary fresh, contemporary work.  After studying a potential project, we work together to come up with what style would best suit the project, and propose from there.

"Who Rescued Who" by Lorri Acott
“Who Rescued Who” by sculptor Lorri Acott

We have the Expertise

We have both had experience working with multiple design teams in the past, and take pride in our ability to work well with people.   Adam teamed up with engineers, architects and city planners to create both the Pathways Hospice sculpture, and the Parker Police Station monument in Colorado. Most recently, he worked with a team of engineers, architects, art consultants, and construction workers to design, create, and install the 22ft “Flight” for a high end residential project, Altitude, in Los Angeles.  Lorri recently installed her 12ft “Peace” in Little Rock, Arkansas, and her 11ft “Conversation with Myself” at the Museum of Discovery in Fort Collins, CO.

Our expertise with the bronze casting industry over the years proved to be of great value to the design teams and construction workers involved in these projects and served to help insure the success and smooth completion of these installations.

As a team, we have amassed a wide range of artistic and engineering skill sets that allow us to work well with design teams, communities, and project managers to help insure the smooth and speedy completion of each installation. We are looking forward to the possibility of working with your team to create a powerful ‘art experience’ that will help enhance the architecture, elevate the community, and become something beautiful, educational, and meaningful for you.