Lorri Acott Sculpture Commission

Brotherhood by AcottIn January 2012, a couple from Wichita visited Xanadu for the first time. As they viewed the art, they were immediately drawn to the figurative sculpture of Lorri Acott. As we visited about Lorri’s artwork, the collectors asked if Lorri ever did commissions. As I showed them images of some of Lorri’s projects, they got excited about the possibilities. They were building a new home in Wichita, and had in mind to commission a sculpture representing their three sons. It would be installed by the pool in the back yard. The couple felt like Lorri’s style would be perfect for what they had in mind.

I contacted Lorri about the proposed project. It just so happened that she was driving to a show in Florida, and could stop by Kansas on her way home to meet the clients, discuss their ideas and needs, and see the space where the sculpture would be installed.

The meeting was wonderful. Lorri headed back to her studio with ideas, dimensions, photographs of the boys when they were growing up, and site drawings. She immediately began working on sketches and models to capture the clients’ vision.

Lorri worked up three 6″ clay figures first. From photos of the models, the collectors selected the version where they boys had their arms around each other-very reminiscent of how they always walked around together as children. Some adjustments were suggested that Lorri incorporated into the final version, and it was decided that the boys would stand on a 1/2 sphere instead of the full globe.The deposit for the project was paid, and Lorri started the next phase-creating the full-size version.

This week, the 53″ clay was completed and approved. The sculpture now goes to the mold maker to start the process of casting the sculpture in bronze.

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brotherhood by lorri acott