"Flight" image


We were initially contacted by  art consultant Emily Santangelo to come up with some proposals for a new residential housing by Equity Development near the Howard Hughes Center in West Los Angeles.

The client wanted  a very tall “airy” piece that  would speak to the name and the location.  We designed three different sculptures for the proposal, and they chose to move forward on our favorite, “Flight”. These are two of our initial proposal images.

Flight proposal
proposal Photo
“Flight” sculpture installation

 Maquette (Small Version)

After the proposal was approved, Adam created a small scale version of the sculpture to confirm the design approval, and to use for measurements as we created the full scale version of the sculpture.

Site Visit

We headed to LA to complete a site visit.  This allowed us to meet the construction manager, generally discuss site placement and preparation and create the connections, relationships and communication pathways that would insure a simple and  successful installation.  We brought the Maquette with us so that we could help everyone visualize what it will look like on site.

Back to the shop

After the site visit we came home to resume work on the sculpture

Flight in Process
Making “Flight”









Throughout the process  we compare the Maquette to the full size sculpture and making adjustments to make sure it stays on course.

Comparing the Maquette to the full size sculpture

Delivery and Installation

We have delivered and installed sculptures all over the country.  Our team gets the sculpture to the location safe and sound, and makes installation safe, quick and as simple as possible.

Delivery of Flight

Installation Video

” Fight” by Dream Big Sculpture installed at Altitude in Los Angeles
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